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We welcome you to the warped vision of Inverticrux!  Our style is an amalgamation of black, thrash, doom, and punk all tied neatly together with a  heaping helping of horror samples and imagery. 

Having released three independent, full length albums, we have had a great response with many positive reviews.  Countless people claim we have tapped into a well of originality,  and some have not known what to make of us.  This, we believe, is the necessary direction we must take to forge our way down this dark and twisted musical journey. 

Inspired by both first and second wave metal, we pride ourselves on applying elements of traditional heavy metal.  We also have moments of death metal, "shit head metal" and "black and roll" that appear throughout our songs.  Our sound is laden with perverse, demonic riffs, vocals and beats that are spewed forth by ungodly and unorthodox creatures.  A sound we believe is hard to swallow for some, but a welcome change of pace for others.

We cater to those looking for a style so dementedly wretched that little else will compare.  Nothing, and no-one is safe from our collective and devious clutch.

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